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What brings you joy? And I’m not talking about things like your children, significant other, pets, doing good things or helping others…I’m talking about what brings YOU joy? What makes you feel great? Joy is defined as “great pleasure or happiness,” and despite its simplicity, it can seem challenging to invite into daily life. It’s not that it isn’t available to us, but there is often the fear of judgment that holds people back. Recently, I had my hair highlighted with blond, purple, red, pinks, and different variations of the combined colors, and I love it! I love it for me, and how it makes me feel, and I love to hear the comments and see the excitement when other people are enjoying it. Putting color in my hair feels joyful to me. The brilliance of the colors, is part of it, but what I figured out recently is it’s more than the colors, it’s how I feel as a result of doing something for me…without the fear of judgment from others. I feel confident, inspired and empowered. I recognize certain things aren’t for everyone. Not everyone has the same appreciation for hair color as I do. Some people find joy in gardening, reading, fishing, getting tattoos, creating art, working their job, eating or drinking, exercising or not exercising…really the list is probably infinite. What I realize though is this: when I have more joy in my life, I work harder, play more, relate better, and feel more energized…why would anyone in my life want me to not do the things that make me feel joy? Why would I ever think twice about doing things I know cultivate joy for me? Next time you find something you really like, admire, crave or want to do I challenge you to ask yourself these questions: Why do I want to…? Is it going to harm anyone (including myself) to…? Is it going to create more joy in my life? If, after answering these questions, you realize it will bring you joy, do it! What will you gain by having more joy in your life? Now, I ask you again…What brings you joy??

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